Le Grand Cirque... Victorian Conveyance Racing in an age of Steam, Wizardry, and sheer courage!


Adventures in a Golden Age that never was... but should have been!

The Grand Circuit Races (aka 'Le Grand Cirque' by the French and everyone else) is a game of "Conveyance racing" in a weird but whimsical Victorian age loaded with technological possibilities.  Players assume the role of racers, competing on behalf of their nation or political faction. 

NEW!!  Yes, NEW!!   Peter Cobcroft has sent us a Variant for racing during the Martian Invasion.  Do click to investigate.

EVEN NEWER!!   LE GRAND CIRQUE BOARD GAME NEWS: I have been approached to create a boardgame version of Le Grand Cirque for a small boardgame company. I have accepted their challenge and have been working on a redesign of the game that plays in semi-two dimensions yet retains a lot of the Cirque's essential whimsical nature; I think my approach might be on target. Please contact me if you are interested in playtesting. I can't promise anything more than a free copy of the game and eternal fame as your reward.

Rules is an Overview Text document, demonstrating how all the charts work together.  Hit Back to return here. (See Rules )
NEW!  All combat, Referee, spoiler, etc. sheets are now online. (See Downloads)
NEW! Don't be the last on your block to get some high-faluting LE GRANDE CIRQUE GEAR! Some of which is pictured above. (See T-Shirts)