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The pictures you see here arrived in my mailbox at some point in December, in an unmarked envelope.  I now see why Greg Martel<?> described me as "fiercely concentrating... judging on the amount of sweat running down his brow" in a recent issue of MWAN.  Holy Cow!  I'm a veritable reservoir of "flop sweat"!  You could irrigate the Third World from my forehead! I remember the Colonial Room was pretty hot, but this is ridiculous!

Anyway, check these out.  Click on the thumbnail to expand the picture.  Hit "BACK" on your browser to come back to this page.

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Anyone remember these ladies?  They had a microphone on me at the beginning of the game (I'm sweating so hard I must have shorted it out).  They were supposed to have sold this documentary to the History Channel.  Anyone still in touch with them?  They liked the Cirque a lot.
I've set up the Friday night Cirque race and am now getting players to select their chariots of doom.  To my left, facing us, you can see the distinguished Hairy Haggis.  Hairy went on to win this one by a nose. 
RIGHT in the middle of the race, I'm overcome with ennui and take a nap.   I've learned to do this standing up.
I discuss a finer point of conveyance racing with the Rules Lawyer in the yellow shirt.  He steadfastly refuses to accept the fact that it's MY universe, and MY concept of physics that makes this game work.  When will they ever learn?
The yellow-shirted gent in the picture above gave a heart-rending interview to the camera ladies just prior to this race... I believe he even mentioned something about how wargames have a negative impact on his social life.  I recall mugging in the camera over his shoulder at that second.. "Shhhh, dude, you never admit to that!"  Here, he gazes in disbelief at the action on the bridge.  No room to squeeze through.  The gent on the right looks at some contraption as if to say "what the hell is THIS...?