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Boardgames - Oh, The Joy...

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Boardgames: Mostly this means board WARgames for me, e.g., an attempt to depict a conflict situation using the format of a (usually) two-dimensional format, moving pieces over a depiction of terrain. Usually the map and pieces are cardboard. I like primarily historical subjects, but have been known to delve into Fantasy and Science Fiction now and then, as well as the new class of low-complexity, cool component games now being published by (mostly) the Germans and French. These are known as "Euros".

What's on this page?

My Stuff

Right now, the only projects I'm posting here are a variant page for Down in Flames (GMT-- it's sort of a board/card combo, but who's counting?), a page supporting Circus Maximus (Avalon Hill), and a Variant for OGRE (SJG) based on the moon.  I've also included a few links supporting OGRELUNA.

Down in Flames, No Pasaran! page

What's New? Click HERE to view my progress in CIRCUS MAXIMUS PBeM (at Boris the Spider). I'm the Red Chariot, sad to say!


Click here to go to Yahoo Group

Review of ZERO, GMT Games

What's New? CORSAIRS AND HELLCATS airplane card list.  I typed this up from Mike Lemick's notes (he's the developer of the DiF series for GMT).  I wanted to bounce what I got off of an official list.

[VARIANT] OgreLuna: Moving the World of OGRE to our own Moon

What's New? [VARIANT] Some variant stuff for the game ILLUMINATI by Steve Jackson Games.  This was originally meant for the NOVAG club magazine and COUNTERMOVES.  Since CONSIMWORLD got a hold of it, you can see it HERE.   Not for the faint of heart!

What's New? [VARIANT] THE HONG KONG RULES .  This is actually an old piece I wrote for the late and lamented VINDICATOR magazine.  Parts of it are in the Variant piece mentioned above.  Basically a betting and guessing variant for ILLUMINATI.  I forgot it was here!!!

(Supporting Material)OgreLuna Counters: courtesy of a very talented artiste named Cisco.  Not  my stuff, but you will need these counters to play the OgreLuna variant.  If you like OGRE, you should really visit CISCO'S OGRE PAGE.  There are tons of variant counters there for the download.  While you are at Cisco's site, follow the link to Stephen Beal's GENERIC OGRE/GEV MAP PAGE to download some free maps to play with.

Saturday Night at the Races: My Chariot Racing Games Page.  The predominant focus of this site is the game CIRCUS MAXIMUS by Avalon Hill.  However, with the publication of CIRCUS MINIMUS (the Gamers), I will be incorporating new material to the site as it gets developed. Beware, this is a frame environment.  (badly needs updating, I know )

Shared Projects

What's New? Countermoves, (UPDATED LINK!!) a "guerilla Distribution" zine concept totally dedicated to distributing small scale Micro game designs... for free!  I occassionally write for this magazine.  Recent contributions have been a few puzzles (word search type), a WWI Sniper in the Trenches game , and variants for OGRE.

Click HERE to go to Countermoves.Net


What's New? European Boardgames and Toronto Boardgamers Webpage  A great portal page for playing Euros and Family Games online.  Invaluable!

What's New? Boardgame Geek's 'Browse By Title' Screen... quite useful to me  The Geek is an obvious source, natch. But it can be hard to navigate. This is a jump page to their title list.

What's New? The Hero Machine!  A way of generating heroic illustrations for projects.  This is the homepage link; you can also generate a hero online at UGO.COM (very commercial site)

What's New? BORIS THE SPIDER PBeM zine.  Not free, but very well done and very affordable.  I'm playing Circus Maximus there at the moment.

How to mount DTP counters, a Primer by Roy Bartoo on CSW

Acquire (Hotel Magnate game, by Sid Sackson) rules

Dice Stacking Game... Jeffrey Strunk (Game Cabinet thing.  Lots of laffs)

Searchable Index of all OLD Avalon Hill GENERAL issues

Printable SCORE SHEETS for many games


GamePart.COM (replace old/lost game pieces.. an Amazon-style webstore)

Check it out!  Java Version of SETTLERS OF CATAAN!

The Internet Top 100 Board Games List

Colossus, Java based client for playing AH's TITAN over the web.  Not a bad idea!

JET, an automation tool for Europa games.

Warhorse Simulations, home of the ACTS card tracking system.

Virtual Sealed Envelopes, a system of making hidden movement via email possible.

Web Dice and other fine toys