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Hobbies, Interests and Other Things to Share (Beware, a LONG list)

  • This is a portal into my HOBBIES pages-- those activities I jump into to maintain some level of sanity.  Many of the hobbyist links are related to the playing of, designing of, and discussion of games of some sort.  I've been an avid boardgamer since age 12 or so, and picked up the miniatures bug in my early thirties.  I've tried to post some useful stuff here and there over the years which you can find here.   I warn you up front, I'm probably dysfunctional about my level of participation in something-- I burn hot and cold about a hobby, expending huge amounts of effort up front, then burning out and not revisiting it for a year or more.  So some of this material is pretty spotty (honest, I'll get back to Squadron Leader!).
  • In any event, I can be considered an avid board, card, computer and miniature wargamer.  I have contributed quite a bit to the hobby (volume-wise), in bits and pieces here and there.   I'll try to make sense of it all here.
  • Since there is a lot of ground to cover here, I've included another submenu, below.
  • Sample of the Hobby Page LogoNOTE that any page with a small graphic of the menu below is considered a HOBBY PAGE. 
  • NOTE: The "PBeM" ball opens the PLAY BY EMAIL EMPORIUM Link in a new window. Everything I've done with PBeM is already there, so there's no need to replicate it here.