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This will be my campaign page for a proposed Down In Flames game set during the Spanish Civil War.  Included will be all the card templates, targets and campaign maps to make a campaign happen for the Spanish Civil War.  Enjoy!

Right now, all I have is a template for the Polikarpov I-16 "Mosca", one of the main aircraft used by the Republican forces.
The Polikarpov was a very succesful Soviet fighter introduced relatively early in the war.  I've given the "Mosca" as it was nicknamed, a performance rating of 4 (normal) and 3 (damaged), with a burst rating of 1.  This seems to fit.

I-16 Mosca

Here is a wacky little craft, the AVRO TIPO 620 /CIERVA C.19 ( 1 ).  This should be considered a one of a kind craft, so no wingman card goes with it.  Basically, the Cierva was dragooned from a civilian and used for recon purposes.  I include it just for fun!  The real-life item was unarmed and quite fragile.  It did survive the war, however.

AVRO TIPO 620 /CIERVA C.19 ( 1 )

Future plans for conversion, depending on if I find the drawings:

I-15 Chato

Grumman GE-23 Delfin

Hawker Spanish Fury

Heinkel He 45 & 46c (Pava and Pavo)

Arado AR 66C

Boeing 281

And probably anything else I can get my hands on, with access to the proper overhead view drawings of the aircraft.

Air bases in Span (start of a campaign map)