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Also, you might look into this item if you wish to visit here
regularly.  I'm as annoyed at Tripod's
Popup policy as you are, chum.  50Megs isn't much better.  Popups suck, true, but they are the price we pay for these so-called 'free' websites.


Hi, Stranger (or welcome back   if I know you already).  This is my website. This is a personal site, as distinguished from my gazillion other hobby sites. I put a lot of junk up on the web; so much so I've forgotten where a lot of this stuff is. Even so, I'll try to keep it organized here-- I'll try to organize this site like a virtual site map.

Hullo, Visitor 

You will probably need to turn on Java to view certain features of this website, like the menu and world clocks.

NAVIGATION NOTES: To navigate this site, simply click on the appropriate magic ball on the side menu.  A blue label will tell you what choice you have made.  The silver ball returns to the page you are reading now.(HOME) Menu EXAMPLE

An Active  Menu Choice changes color into a RED ball. This may take you to a page with a larger Menu Ball Set acting like a sub-menu; for instance, since I have a ton of hobbies, the HOBBYIST! link requires its own menu. 

Spring is here at last, and I feel like dancing. But first, some typical Gaelic sentiment.

Grief and pain are all I know
My heart is sore
My tears a'flow
We saw him go ....
No word we know of him...

Chorus: "'Sé mo laoch, mo Ghile Mear, 'Sé mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear, Suan ná séan ní bhfuaireas féin Ó chuaigh i gcéin mo Ghile Mear."

A proud and gallant cavalier
A high man's scion of gentle mean(?)
A fiery blade engaged to reap(?)
He'd break the bravest in the field


Come sing his praise as sweet harps play
And proudly toast his noble frame
With spirit and with mind aflame
So wish him strength and length of day

--"MO GHILE MEAR (OUR HERO)" by Sean Clarach MacDomhnail


Cryptogram Maker

is my new BOOK BLOG on Tripod.  Have a visit...

I'm plain...  VERY plain.

Your Humble Webmaster, ARF-ing.

For those of you who don't know me all that well, I start a beard on the Winter Solstice, and shave it off on the Vernal Equinox.  I kept it a little longer this year to serve as a referee for THE AMISH RAKE FIGHT this year, an event I put on with Bob Giglio at Cold Wars 2002.  Visit the new ARF Recap site for the straight dope on Amish Rakefighting.


Due to TRIPOD's extremely limiting restrictions on file size and bandwidth, I'm expanding my minor corner of Cyberspace over to another server (and another free service) called  This will cause more pop-up ads.  I apologize for this in advance.  I know they are damnably annoying.   


Web Statistics for Mr. Nizz


The Daily Chess problem. Click on the graphic to speed you there.

Ostrich Racing (the next big thing...) CIRCUS OSTRICHUS debuts at FALL IN 2003

Click on the picture to view your humble webmaster getting into the spirit of the occassion.

See ALTRUISTIC Walt, Volunteering at the cash register at Fall IN 2001 .. and also at Cold Wars 2002 I think Major Bill thinks I'm photogenic or something.  At least you can see the annual Beard Project in action. 


Got rid of Webstat. They sucked.

What's New? Just got GMT's CORSAIRS AND HELLCATS.  Here's an airplane card list

What's New? New Cryptogram...

What's New?  FREE Werewolf card set over in 50Megs on the Hobbyist->Boardgames page. 

What's New? I put an ARF recap webpage up. 

UPDATE!! Added some major updates to the boardgaming page.  Go to HOBBIES-> BOARD

I have some VSF vehicles in the works that I'll be posting in Victoriana as soon as my digital camera is working again.

Wacky Net Stuff)

[You Idiot!]
[ She-Male or Male?]
[Man on the World Trade Center]
[ Odd Todd needs a buck]
[Stick Figure Death Theater]

Recent Discoveries

1000s of Blank Cards
Germ's World.. 10mm Dungeons
THERE.COM (virtual world public beta)

Hey, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK, couldja?  I like hearing from people.

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Contacting Walt

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I'm a bit paranoid about privacy on the web, which is natural when you consider I get about 100+ junkmail messages a day, many of them pretty tasteless.  So I'm not going to make it easy for a webspider to leech my email address.  So if you really need to reach me, remove the obvious from this line:

hotspur  at

Obviously, the all caps statement would be a candidate for removal, and you will need to change an "@" symbol for the 'at'.   You get the idea. (thanks for the catch, Steve )

as an alternative, try this formail:
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