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NOTE! We now have a PAGE 2, which holds most of the TRWNN material

NOTE! I have found a page dedicated to SIX GUN SOUND.  Not much there yet.


Six Gun Sound Reviewed

I am working on collecting DESPERADO resources.  Until we have enough for an entire page, visit THE JACKSON GAMERS PAGE on Angelfire, lots of good Desperado replays and scenarios.

HERE is their variant for Desperado called FILL YORE HANDS

Jackson Gamers gunfighter picture

If you have a fansite, replay site or house rules site for the games DESPERADO, HIGH NOON, HEY YOU IN THE JAIL, or SIX-GUN SOUND , please get in touch with me, I'm easy to find.

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive is a new German PC game set in the wild west.

Review HERE

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FOUND! The files to resurrect the older, 'cuter' Fate deck.  See the TRWNN page.

FOUND! Links to all of the other missing files. Courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine!

This is a Wild West Skirmish web document, dedicated to the play of man-to-man combat games using miniatures or board games, set in the time period alternatively known as either "the Old West", "the Wild West", or "the American Frontier period." This time period usually encompasses the Plains Indian Wars and sometimes the Mexican-American War, but often those conflicts are not presented as skirmish games. Western skirmish games are by nature very tactical and fast moving in time scale, and almost always utilize 1 figure/counter= 1 man as a physical scale.

NOTE TO LONG TERM FANS OF THE OLD WILD WEST SITE: Fortune City, in their infinite wisdom and technical incompetence, deleted most of the files from the old site, many of which I am unable to recover.  Please be patient while I try to figure out to get these back.  A tip of the Stetson to Mr. John Leahy and Mr. Dave Markley, who are assisting in the recovery of this older data. 


Kenzer and Company has released some different silhouettes for their shot clock system (which I am still in awe of). Go HERE to download new ones. On the same page, they have some print and play PDFs useable for "cover" objects.

I had opportunity to give Warhammer Historical's LEGENDS OF THE WEST a try on Thursday. It proved to be like most GW products-- 2-4 useful pages surrounded by forty pages of high-color fluff. Read more about it HERE.

Kenzer and Company have a brand new Wild West Roleplaying Game coming out; by the name of ACES AND EIGHTS. Their gunfighting skirmish games (somewhat barebones, but quite brilliant) is now out as SHOWDOWN. Read the first glance review I put on my blog if your'e interested.

Their "shot clock system" is purty danged amazing.

White Wash City

Reviewed: 1  2

ERIC HOTZ' Survey of Wild West Rules Systems On the WhiteWash City Website


Buffalo Chip
"Buffalo Chip".. Another cut and paste western town. Not cheap but very well done.

Shadowforge Female Gunslinger.  Available in the U.S. from Brigade Games

Gunslingin' isn't just a manly pastime.  SHADOWFORGE has a small but well made line of female western figures.   Available in the USA from Brigade Games and Hobbies.

NEW! I just found out about GUTSHOT, from HAWGLEG PUBLISHING.  Dunno much about it yet.  I have to admit, I love their sense of visual style!! UPDATE: "tberry7403" recently posted THIS REVIEW of GUTSHOT to the Miniatures Page. Dunno who tberry7403 is or what his relationship is to HAWLEG PUBLISHING, but the review is fairly complete and very useful. (copyright, tberry7403 and TMP)


Me?  Who, ME?  I'm Walt O'Hara , der webmeister, but I didn't come up with everything here. David Markley, my partner in crime, has also contributed to some of the stuff on this page. We have both been running skirmish games at home and at conventions since 1996, and hopefully can pass along some items of interest to you.

What will you find here? At first, not a lot. I have participated pretty avidly in playing, playtesting and adding to a rule set called THE RULES WITH NO NAME (TRWNN). TRWNN was developed by Brian Ansell of the Foundry-- one of the preeminent miniature figure companies available today. TRWNN is available for free from Tim Peterson, courtesy of the Foundry Web Page.



Older Fate Deck now onlline PAGE 2

Broke off the Rules with No Name material to PAGE 2

Removed mention of Pass of the North

Changed the title of the site to GET THREE COFFINS READY

Mission Builder Cards (in PDF format).  These are fun little 'adventure builders' in three flavors: Black Hat Missions, White Hat Missions, and Neutral (Brown Hat) missions. The ones in Green Font Color have a SCARY MONSTERS flavor (See Below). Download the File

SCARY MONSTERS VERSION 1.3 is released.  Go to the Scary Monsters Page to download.
(I have located this file during a scan of some old zip disks... have at it!)

Added: Wild West RULES compendium, courtesy of the Miniatures page

Added: The Wild West Ghost Town Project

Added: Link to Solitaire rules for THE RULES WITH NO NAME ("Lone Star Rules") by Ruggero Romano (Thanks for the tip of the cap at the end, Ruggero!)


Wild West Skirmish Picture Albums

Here are some pictures of past Wild West skirmish events. These are exclusively using The Rules with No Name rules, heavily modified. I hope to add material from different rule sets at some point, but that's what we're playing these days.

Page One: Another fun evening at home doin' some killing. Shows off stampedes, Fall-IN! 1997, Shotgun template.
Page Two: Just a lot of goofing off, blowing things up and diverse stuff. We experiment with Buffalo Gun rules.
Page Three: The 1st Annual Cow Town Turkey Hunt scenario, a practice session run at home and Fall-IN! 1998.
Shootist: A Belgian wargaming group show off their own ruleset and gunfights


Sources for Figures and Accessories

The Foundry

Excellent source of 28mm to 30mm figures, detail is excellent. Extensive "Pony Wars" line, Victorian Bystanders are a must for NPCs.  Check out new Range Wars, Cavalry, and Maximillion Adventure sets. I miss the old days when I could purchase single figures; now I can't afford to buy Foundry figures much.

Old Glory Fantastic deal at 25$ or less for 30 odd figures; sometimes less. Extensive Pony Wars and Indian lines; Good Support for Gunslingers and Lawmen, too. Figures are pretty good; mate well with Foundry but not as nicely sculpted.
Dixon An outstanding line of miniatures that mates well with Old Glory and the Foundry. Their vignettes are a MUST BUY for the Wild West gamer.
J&T Miniatures Excellent line of Resin Cast accessories in many periods; check out the OK corral and Stockade set for the Wild West.  Recent new lines of miniatures include "Dogs of the Hot Moon", a settler massacre set (very good stuff).  Also carries various lines of Eureka and Connoiseur figures in the Wild West theme.
Firing Line A small, but nicely sculpted Western line that hopefully is growing.
RAFM A small Plains Indians line (e.g., "Boots and Saddles"). I haven't used them.
Westwind/Cowboy Wars Extensive "Cowboy Wars" Line of 28mm figures and rules set of the same name. Some interesting choices, but I found them expensive and kind of bland for my tastes. Games Workshop style pricing. Their Vampire Wars/Gothic Horror line is wonderful, though-- excellent for Scary Monsters of the Golden West.
Haus of Stuff (defunct) Used to Distribute Outpost, Frontier, SIMCAST figures.   Not sure of their status now.  Site is still up for some reason, but they are not taking orders for Frontier or Outpost.
Frontline Wargaming Polyester resin scenics, including a Wild West range in 25mm. I have the graveyard, the store interior and the bank interior. Now distributed in the US by Robert Bolling.
ERTL's "Cow Town" Playset (at Evers Toy Store) Decent Western Buildings sold as a kids toys!! Meshes perfectly with 1:64 or roughly 25mm. I have two sets of the Western Town set, 1 of the Ranch House and 1 Western Barn. Buy the Mustang Roundup and Longhorn Roundup for your stampede needs. Maybe you can let your kids play with them, too. NOTE I think the line has been discontinued as ERTL has been sold.  EBAY is probably your best bet for a Cow Town now.
Tactical Conflict Systems (TCS) Has a fantastic 25mm "Hollow House" line and their own commercial Rules set, HIGH NOON. Excellent line of accessories... maybe the only place to find saguaro cacti in this range.
Airfix Out of business, but you can pick up a box here and there. Airfix had a 1/76 (roughly HO Scale) cowboys and Indians set, as well as some specialized military diorama sets that would work well in this format.
Revell No website, but available in almost all hobby shops and some conventional toy stores. Revell has a 1/76 scale Cowboys and Indians set. Nice detailing. Good fit for Avalon Hill's Gunslinger game (if you want to use something other than counters)
Lego Hey, I see you snickering. Lego has an extensive Western Line (e.g., "Legorado"), and Dave has collected quite a haul of these "toys" (ostensibly for his son David). Dave has run two TRWNN convention events using Legorado so far, and plans to run more
Goldlok Toys They make a pretty decent train set in scale. Unfortunately this company is in Hong Kong, I've tried contacting them several times and they don't answer email. Easy to find these in toy stores, though.


Wild West Skirmish Gunfight Board and/or other type games not done in a miniature vein.

Thundering Guns: Thunderin' Guns (note the dropped "g"): This is a boardgame version of a Western roleplaying campaign. The board shows a typical stretch of Hollywood West: there's a town at the center with a rail line and a stage line running through it, a badlands in one corner where the outlaws hide out, and an indian village in another corner. Players take the roles of outlaws, sheriffs, marshalls, or gunfighters; round up gangs or posses; and then either rob the stage/train/bank/whatever, or chase those that do, or challenge each other to gunfights, based on their profession and location on the board. Gunfights are abstract and are handled by a single roll of the die on a CRT. Outlaws win by stashing away loot, lawmen win by stashing away outlaws, and gunfighters win by reaching a high enough reputation level. It's a decent game, but nothing at all like the tactical combat-oriented "Cry Havoc" games the company is better known for. Cry Havoc.  [Courtesy of Steve Winters]

Gunslinger: by Avalon Hill. Nice game, breaks actions down to degree of granularity that I find a little stultifying, but it has some decent potential. Recommended. Here is some information on Grognards: A , Article Index, PBeM Report

Remotely Hosted File Image from Boardgame Geek: Picture of Gunslinger components and box cover all fanned out

Bounty Hunter: by Nova Games, the people who brought you Ace of Aces. Basically this is a port of that system to Wild West gun fights. I played it once, long ago, and thought it was pretty cool, but lacked the suspense and action pacing of the air combat games. Here's a on Grognards.

Remotely hosted image from maverick.brainiac.com: Bounty Hunter Cover

Outlaws: Outlaws (Lucasarts computer game): Absolutely fabulous game. IMO, the best 1st-person shooter on the market until the release of HalfLife. Uses the original "Dark Forces" engine. Graphics are stylized to resemble French Western comics (or the animated graphics that frame episodes of "The Wild, Wild West")--everyone is lanky and craggy. There aren't any monsters to fight, only desperadoes with guns, and it's well behind the technological curve these days, but the gameplay absolutely kicks ass, as does the soundtrack. I remount this game about once a year and replay the whole thing, plus the expansion levels; it's that good. If you can find it anywhere, snap it up. [Courtesy of Steve Winters]

Here's a nicely done Outlaws Support Page

Remotely hosted Animated GIF image from LucasArts.com: First person view of OUTLAWS game

Saloon: Cute little "Bar Fight" game.  Like many Euro themed games, this could just as easily be about anything else, like: "Hey, girls, the Fleet is in town!"  Still, the artwork is funny and the game easy to go through.  Nice model for fisticuffs, if you are looking for such.  In German.

Remotely hosted image from funagain.com: Saloon Card game Box cover

Remotely hosted image from funagain.com: Way Out West Boardgame cover

Way out West: A nifty tile-placement themed game, lots of fun, sort of ambivelant about the Western theme:

 Wyatt Earp: Call this one "Mystery Rummy set in the old West" and I think you have an idea of how this game works. HERE is the boardgame geek listing, with several comments and a strategy article.

Wyatt Earp Box art from Funagain games website

BANG! Box image (From Boardgamegeek website) BANG! a game by Italian publisher DaVinci games, remains true to the gunfight theme but with very simplified mechanics. I hear the game gets a tad repetitive but cannot attest to this.
Click HERE to view cards.

Click HERE for the boardgame geek listing




Some Pretty Decent Links

Some historical source material, mostly game related. This symbol:DEFUNCT WEBSITEmeans the site is defunct or out of service the last time I checked. If you administer this site, please contact me to give me the new address. I will carry the listing for a while, then delete as I see fit.

The opinions expressed on this page are my own.

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