A Rules With No Name Module that introduces various Hollywood style horror critters into the Wild West Setting popularlized by such diverse skirmish games as THE RULES WITH NO NAME, DESPERADO and WARPAINT.

Scary Monsters of the Golden West started out as something of a goof.   I like Western skirmish wargaming quite a bit, but hang out with a bunch of roleplaying veterans.  How to get them to jump in with both feet?   Simple: make it so weird that they can't resist.  So out of my fevered imagination (and the desire to save money by not buying DEADLANDS), I came up with my own "Fantastic West" rules over time.

This first version (1.3) is made available to you in PDF format.   The document covers the following "critters" in a Wild West setting:

  1. Constructs: Mud Men (Golems) StrawMen (Animated Scarecrows) and Flesh Contructs (similar to Shelley's creation)
  2. Vampires (as in the Old World type)
  3. Mummies (from Aztecia)
  4. Werewolves (two kinds)
  5. Zombies (animated Dead guys)

Diverse other subjects, such as some new skills, a new fighting chart, various critter weaknesses, rules for handling monsters in this setting, the Angry Posse, The Nervous Citizenry, etc., are also included to assist the GM in running a Monster-enabled Wild West Campaign.  With very little reading and a familiarity with The Rules with No Name (parent document), you will really only need the two or three CHEAT SHEETS I include at the end of the document to get rolling.

There's also a fairly complete list of sources in the back of the document that list where you can get some of the figures I use in my campaigns. 

In any event, to download the SM document, click on the link below.   DO enjoy yourselves and send me some feedback.  I'm actively working on an expansion to this rules set and encourage your input.


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