A page filled with files, links and suggestions for playing western skirmish games with Bryan Ansell's remarkable (and free) THE RULES WITH NO NAME game rules.

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In conjunction with David Markley, I have added extensively to the core TRWNN rules document, and I will make these additions available here. 

Here are a few additions and expansions (totally unauthorized by Brian Ansell, the Foundry or anyone else holding copyrights to THE RULES WITH NO NAME).  They were meant to add the Hollywood Element to the game that seemed to be missing (Explosions, etc.).  These are links from Tim Peterson's Rules with No Name Page (and as published in MWAN #96 in print form):

Hidden Movement 

Gatling Guns 

Dynamite Rules


Weapons Budgets

NPC Reactions
(w/. Dave Markley)

Doctoring Wounds

In addition to the Variant Rules, here are some scenario write-ups that might be fun:

The Magnificent Three

Town cowers in fear as Mexican Bandit leader El Guano vows revenge.  The only thing standing between Cow and Annihilation is Sherrif Dawson, a tempermental alchoholic with two untested deputies.  Will Sherrif Dawson stay sober?  Will his deputies shoot straight?

Revenge of the Claverty Brothers

Cow Town is beset by that gang of incompetent cattle rustlers, the Claverty Brothers.  The elder Clavertys, Micah and Ned, have sworn to free younger brother Billy from the lockup.  The Sherrif (again, Dawson) rapidly deputizes anyone he can find to help with the situation, including a Chinese railroad working with a temple sword... will the Clavertys get their way? 

The Rules with No Name Files (being reconstructed)

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NEW!!! SCARY MONSTERS OF THE GOLDEN WEST is out.  Go to the SM Download page immediately!
Rules Addendum, covering divers subjects such as explosions, stampedes, doctorin, etc. 1
"Hell Comes to Cow Town"-- a scenario run at Fall-In! 1997
Player Character Table -- for Cow Town, our mythical Texas town where most of our gunfights take place
A MAP of Cow Town, under the old configuration
NEW! A FATE DECK EARLY VERSION done in Powerpoint format, available sans character cards. This is the first version of the Generic Fate Deck, optimized for Rules with No Name. See below for the more fancy version.  Recent resurrection of this file!!1
A nifty TEMPLATE for determining how shotguns are used by David Markley. Click here to view/print the construction graphic. See the Photo in the photo album, too.
Some Funky New Weapons that might be of some use.
The After Action Report of our Cold Wars 99 Scenarios, "A Fistfull of Eggs/For a Few Eggs More" Here's the conventionPOSTER for Fistfull of Eggs...

1 This material was originally presented in MWAN magazine, and is formatted accordingly.

Generic Fate Deck for TRWNN/Desperado

This is a generic fate deck for The Rules with No Name-- basically the one presented in the link above, with more appropriate pictures and many new bystander cards. It was used at COLD WARS 99 with great success. Due to Fortune City's restrictions about file upload size, I've had to break this up into 8 discrete files. You will need to have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to view these files. If you discard some of the TRWNN-specific cards (such as the action cards), you can easily use this deck for DESPERADO or other skirmish-based miniature wargames. This file was originally created in Powerpoint.

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Wild West Fate Deck, Extra Action Cards and Muzzle Reloader (1of8)


Wild West Fate Deck: BOOM!, Stampede, Herd Move, Extra Action cards, Joker, some bystanders (2of8)


Wild West Fate Deck: Herd Move, Wagon Move, Stagecoach Move, "Easter Burro,"2 Activation cards, Bystanders. (3of8)


Wild West Fate Deck: Activation Cards, Bystanders (4of8)


Wild West Fate Deck: Activation Cards, Bystanders (5of8)


Wild West Fate Deck: Activation Cards, Bystanders (6of8)


Wild West Fate Deck: Activation Cards, Bystanders (7of8)


Wild West Fate Deck: Generic "Events", Train Moves, "All Hell Breaks Loose", The Sherrif, Bystander (8of8)

2The Easter Burro is a reference to the " Holiday Scenarios " series of games that Dave and I have put on for conventions. In this particular instance, the Easter Burro was part of the duel skirmish events "A Fist Full of Eggs/A Few Eggs More" we ran at Cold Wars 99. Dave ran 2 Legorado events, I ran 1 Cow Town event. I hope to have pictures of the Legorado event up soon.

A Generic Character Sheet

Here is a character sheet for TRWNN/Desperado. To use for Desperado, just ignore the references to "rank" of characters. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine to view this file.

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bodysheet.pdf Wild West Character Sheet 1of1, PDF file

A Weapons Selection Sheet for Quick Play

I find that the following table is of some use for quick setup, non-campaign games. I advocate drawing Skill Chits if you use this method of setup, to make for a very random game! Good for both Desperado or TRWNN.

weaponselect.pdf Quick Play Weapon Selection Table


Gunsharks rules for converting The Rules with No Name to a science fiction setting (by Mr. Scurvy Bartella), is available on the DOGHOUSE Yahoo Group, in the Files Section.  You'll have to join up to get them.