The Rules with No Name!

Or, a fist full of dice...


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Here's a page loaded with some images of past games.  I hope you enjoy it.  Beware, this page contains many large graphic images, which may load slowly. 

Riflefire.jpg (68153 bytes)

1. Your basic gunfight.  Deputy Connors attempts a medium range shot at El Booma Grande, the Mejican Anarchist.  He'd better get that shot off, since Grande has a lit dynamite stick in his hand. Stampd1.jpg (73265 bytes)

2. The Stampede starts, spooked by the dynamite blast (see number 4).   The photographer and the herd drover (on horseback) get caught up in the stampede and trampled. Stmpshot.jpg (70615 bytes)

3.  As a result of the dynamite blast, both Connors and one of the Mejicans are disabled.  The pink and white beads represent different levels of damage (white is best, pink is worse, red is the worst).  Both guys have a no movement result (i.e., a broken leg), The Mejican attempted to stop the stampede by killing the lead animal.  IT WORKS!! dynamblast.jpg (59071 bytes)

4. The dynamite blast has a radius of 4"... both Connors and one of the Mejicans get caught up in it as a result of the bounce and scatter rules... (OOPS!) Shotguntmp.jpg (52805 bytes)

5.  The industrious David Markley created this cool shotgun blast template from scrap parts (two free yardsticks from a hardware store, a wingnut and bolt, and a piece of clear plexiglass 2" wide (to represent the width of the shotgun blast)).  To use it, place it on top of the firing figure, and roll the red and black dice.  Move the center mark of the template in the black direction and the red direction, stopping at the point that is the difference between the two directions, per the rules.  Whatever figure is located under the plexiglass is affected by the shotgun blast. Fall-in97.jpg (72411 bytes)

6.  The Friday night game of The Rules with No Name at HMGS-East's FALL-IN! 1997.  Our scenario was "Hell Comes to Cow Town!,"   a multi-faction, multi-mission scenario that was a blast for all (at least that's what they told me).  I admit that the picture is kind of dark, but you can make out your intrepid referees, Dave Markley and Walt O'Hara, in the background.  Walt is holding Annie O'Hara, who is extremely interested in Daddy's soldiers...


Copyright 1998, Walter O'Hara