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Table of Contents

  1. Down in Flames Squadron Leader Cover Page

  2. Personal ACE Pilots for Down in Flames “Meet the Team”

  3. Proposed Counter Mix

  4. United States Army Air Force Pilot Campaign Record

  5. Royal Air Force Pilot Campaign Record

  6. Luftwaffe Pilot Campaign Record

  7. Drawing for Skills

  8. Skill Chart

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Author: Walter O'Hara


Note Bene:
Please excuse the Powerpoint conversion to HTML, which can be a slow and clumsy way to present information. Squadron Leader is a test site-- a work in progress, so check back periodically.

What is Squadron Leader?

Squadron Leader is a variant of the Down in Flames series.  This variant places the player in the unusual position of the SQUADRON LEADER, the man who makes decisions for the operation of a 20 man squadron.  The variant is presented in two parts:

The Pilot Campaign (this presentation) which uses the following tools:

  • Pilot Counters
  • Pilot Campaign Records

The Squadron Campaign (future) which uses the following tools:

  • Squadron Rosters
  • Squadron Maintenance Rosters