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Yes, I earn a living

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  • I suspect that you're like me.  Reading "what I do for a living" pages bores the snot out of you, unless you're reading about stage musicians, or lion tamers, or mountaineers or space shuttle pilots.  So I'll keep this mercifully brief.  I can't resist throwing it in... it's like it's required by the Big Book of Personal Webpage Lore or something, so here goes.
  • I have worked as a beltway bandit for most of my adult life-- well, since the mid 1980s anyway. My current employer is a giant conglomerate that recently purchased the giant conglomerate that purchased the smaller amalgam with three initials I used to work for.   (to give you a hint, they've acquired so many companies lately they're having problems creating new acronyms for all the new company divisions)
  • Prior to that, I worked for another company with three initials, this one privately owned.
  • Loosely, I'm what they call a "Systems Analyst". That means a 'computers guy' or a 'systems guy'. Professionally, it means to know a little about a lot of things, and a lot about a few things. I qualify in this respect.
  • Most of my clients have been departments of the United States Navy, over the years.
  • I could be more specific, but I suspect it would bore the bejeezus out of you. It does me, sometimes.
  • Lastly, Is it fun? Well... it pays the bills. That can be quite entertaining in itself.
  • One of the funnest parts of my day is actually getting there.  Check out the Virginia Railway Express, and their totally bitchin' TRAIN BRAIN page. I don't like being specific about where I live on the web, but you can get an idea from the fact that I ride on the blue (Manassas) line. Usually I take the 329 or 331 on the Manassas line in the afternoon, so if you go to the Train Brain sometime after 438 or 513, I'm ON that little blue dot heading West.  Pretty cool, eh?