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Sources for Victorian Science Fiction Figures and Vehicles, By Category

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This page attempts to be a source page for those individuals seeking out appropriate pewter or lead figures for their VSF games.  The information is sorted by broad categories-- and as such, will be repeated in some categories for manufacturers with a broad product line.


War of the Worlds style games, Martian Epics, Barsoom, etc.

Paroom Station website: Excellent source of new martian figures
RAFM Company (though they are not in production, there's always rumors of a recast of the old SPACE 1889 figures RAFM did in the old days)
The London War Room makes flyers, deck guns, all sorts of nifty bits for cloudships and such, and distributes Paroom Station figures.
Reversico makes some nifty Martian Tripod figures (listed in another category, below)
Scheltrum makes several nifty airship models out of resin.  These are suitable for Space 1889 and/or new Paroom Station style games (listed again below)

"Steampunk"  or  Jules Verne style games

Eureka Miniatures makes a wide line of VSF style vehicles and figures with a whimsical allure
Reverisco also makes a boffo Victorian Submersible, Atlantean Gillmen, Deep Sea Divers, various adaptable Science Fiction weapons, and a mix of several different RPG style characters.  Invaluable!
Scheltrum makes a "Journey to the Center of the Earth" style mole drill, plus an Atlantean Submersible, plus a Landship model, aether Marines, Chinese on kites, Rocketeers, etc. etc...
Flagship Games makes several servicable naval vehicles, including a range of 3 Victorian era submarines.
Steve Jackson Games has a boffo Steampunk Miniatures line. 
The SuperFigs (distributed by Old Glory) no, I don't think Superhero figures are applicable.  However, some of the figures in this line, especially the large robot types, are very steampunky.

Victorian Civilians, Bystanders and Background Filler figures

The Foundry has an excellent "Victorian Bystanders" line, also their OWN Victoriana Page is worth a visit -- what a pity this line appears to be moribund!  Also check out their Western Civilians, many of them will fit in well with Victorian Style games.
Dixon manufactures mostly Western, Alamo and ACW figures for this period, but have a useful range of seated figures that can be used for vehicles, etc.  I picked up a pretty neat "Salvation Army" band from their military musicians.
Jeff Valent Studios makes a nice line of Victorian Civilians, and Victorian Women in particular.
Old Glory Miniatures has the motto "buy 'em by the bag... and SAVE!" Check out the Wagon Train Civilians, Spanish American War journalists, Boxer Rebellion "Kitchen Knife Brigade" and Civil War Spectators.  Quite a bargain!
Westwind Productions' Vampire Wars line has some excellent civilian packs, though they look very much the Universal Horror film Angry Villager type.

Victorian-Edwardian Horror Style Miniatures

Note: these links are suggestions based on MY interpertation of what Victorian/Gothic horror miniatures should be -- based upon works by Arthur Machen, F.W. Murnau, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Tim Powers, James Blaylock and the early Pulp writers.  Obviously there are  many more manufacturers than these; I suggest, therefore, you try THE CATEGORY INDEX FOR FANTASY on Bill Armintrout's excellent miniatures page for further suggestions.

Crocodile Games has an excellent Ancient Egypt themed line
Eureka (see link above ) has recently made some Mummies and Ancient Egyptian Warriors, Winged Monkeys, Pygmies and very interesting clockwork automatons that can be used in a horror setting.
Reaper Miniatures is one of the finest fantasy lines in existence; unfortunately they are getting huge (and expensive).  I've found many different Mummy, Vampire and Djinn figures there that I use in Victorian/Horror settings.
RAFM is a grand old man of this category, having made Call of Cthulhu miniatures forever, as well as early Martian stuff (Space 1889, see Martian category, above).
Thunderbolt Miniatures is a strictly-fantasy manufacturer that makes wonderful tableaus that can be adapted for our period.  Their stuff is too whimsical to miss.  Of interest to me is their "Magic Carpet Ride" diorama, for which I see some possibilities.
Ral Partha is one of the oldest and biggest names in the business -- there are literally dozens of applicable figures in their catalogue that are useful for Victorian Horror.
Fortress FIgures makes a nice range of resin-cast figures, ranging from comic Egyptian Ducks to Zombies to Mummies and all sorts of things.  I really like the exposed brains with eyeballs intact on spinal chord stalks.  Dunno what I'm gonna do with them, but I just HAD to have them.
Games Workshop.. okay, it's not MY thing either, but they make a great range of fiddly bits/spiky things/horror figures that are primo for this period... so don't be a snob.
Raven's Forge has a great Children of the Nile range, and some of their Children of Fantasy figures are interesting, too

Colonial Era Military

Rather than repeat the good work of the Miniatures Page, I'll link to Bill Armintrout's CATEGORY INDEX FOR THE 19th CENTURY (Land, Old Version).  It's much more thorough than anything I could come up with.

Wild & Weird West (assorted)

Pinnacle Entertainment makes (duh!) some overlarge and expensive DEADLANDS stuff.
Ground Zero Games inheirited the excellent (albeit smallish) PASS OF THE NORTH line.
Check with the Foundry (link above) for their assorted Western lines-- some of which are excellent (the Copplestone/Perry twins stuff) and some of which are just okay.
Check, also, with Dixon (link above) for their extensive Western line-- nice vignette material here-- and the stagecoach figures are very useful indeed.