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YOU ARE ON A HOBBY PAGE What's HERE:  Online Resources

Here are some Computer game resources I like.  Many of these feature Java scripts or applets, so may not work if you don't have JAVA turned on in your browser.


FREE COMPUTER GAMES, some of them even good!

GAME ARCHIVES, computer versions (free/shareware) of board games.  Not bad!

WORLD OF FREE GAMES, another in the same mold as above

Freebie Web Games (a tad redundant with my "Freebie" page, but it's computer oriented. Some of these are excllent.  My particular favorite is TERRITORIES 3069)

Mah-Jong Java Applet

Go Play Chess with yourself

Remember the kid's game LABYRINTH?

JavaChess (German)

MahJong, Version 2

Chinese Chess, through the miracles of Java

Shogi (called "Shougi" here...)

GO viewer (loads internet games so you can review the strategies)

ANOTHER Go Viewer...