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Building Stuff out of Paper: Paper Toys and the Like, usually for free or cheap

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The Blurb:

(note: I discovered some of these links from the BigAss Links page by S. John Ross, and others from simple websearchs.  Do a search on "paper toys" some time and you will be surprised at what you find)

I get a big kick out of being able to download stuff off the net, and with a pair of scissors and some white glue, have  a nice structure or vehicle or what-ev-ah made available to me.  I've discovered that there's a whole hobby built around this premise-- card modelling.  They can be quite useful for gaming purposes, to a point.  In truth, these creations are not exactly durable, but with a little work and re-engineering they can be made quite sturdy.

You will probably need Adobe Acrobat Reader, at least, to make some of these files work for you.

Brabantini Yahoogroup First stop is BRABANTINI, a yahoogroup full of talented artists sharing their print-cut-and-paste creations. If you can't find what you are looking for easily, there are people on this group that can point you in the right direction.

For General Information and good links, see the Card Modelling FAQ

Click to visit paperworlds

For the Mother of all Paper Soldiers Resources, check out Paperworlds. This seems to be a new "Web Portal" style site with tons of file space jam packed with print and build projects. A real keeper! I particularly recommend checking out the Visions in Paper files (see Downloads). This is a contest held yearly on the Brabantini group.

Here are some of the better download sites:

Patrick's Cardboard Warriors Patrick is the host of Brabantini and a talented artist and altruist. His site is jammed with free paper soldiers. My favorite: 15mm Napoleonics.

Ben and Jerry (yes, the Ice Cream Guys)
Make great village buildings... Roughly N scale

Billy's Shed: Very nice 15 and 25mm medieval scenery bits

Build a Medieval Castle (at the Owl and Mouse)

Microtactix/Compact Combat.  A veritable mecca of Print and build stuff, this site is a mixed pay and freebie download operation.  A little bit of everything!

Space Toys. Modular spaceships.

SPARKS! Make Paper PCs from a Font by the worthy S. John Ross

Paper Cottages from Wizards of the Coast (they gave something away for free?

M4 Sherman

Y's Paper Modelling Workshop.  Tanks, Planes, etc. from World War II.  Site uses Japanese Fonts.


Fiddler's Green A Paysite, mostly, but it has EVERYTHING you could imagine, esp. a neat collection of aircraft and other transportation. Lots of neat freebies, too .