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What's New?


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What's New? Added a blurb and some links on Westwind Productions GOTHIC HORROR.  Excellent minis... should have added this a while ago!

What's New? Added a blurb and some links on the Great Rail Wars.  Oops!  Didn't mean to Dis 'em.

What's New? Added Texas Prussian War Scenario, PRUSSIA NEEDS WOMEN.  Playtest only.

What's New? Added MORE pictures of coaches and such to the Conveyances page.

Added VALLEY OF BONES, a replay of a Darkest Africa event, and some terrain advice.

Added RAID ON KEY WEST page, the first battle in the "Texas-Prussian War" Universe, outlining a failed raid on a Prussian Telegraph station on the captured island of Key West.

Added Landship: 1889 / The Iron Frontier rules link to the main page, plus links for the Empire Club and the designer's home page

Added link to NELSON'S BLUFF, a campaign recap for a set of rules called "Landships: 1899"

Added links to several VSF/Steampunk Discussion boards, on the main page

Added material on Wessex Games, publishers of AERONEF and VOYAGES EXTRORDINAIRES

Added a VEHICLE sources page.

Added a "You Thought I made this all up?" photo

Added a Figure Sources page off the main VICTORIANA page

Added links to Panthan Press on Main Page, periodicals and stuff section

Eliminated CTHULHU by Gaslight, as there isn't much material on the web for it.

Added new pictures for LE GRAND CIRQUE DU WABASH recap, see the main recap page (in the recaps section of the main page), under "the Morris File".

Added Texas Prussian War Campaign Setting for GASLIGHT (new page, link in GASLIGHT Section)

Added Extensive Recap material for LE GRAND CIRQUE racing event, HISTORICON 2001. (see Recap section)

Added Material on R. Talsorian Games' Castle Falkenstein on main Victoriana page