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Individual board wargames have a tremendous presence on the web, and many of them have their own home-grown or assisted Play By Email solutions.  If you are interested in any of these, follow the links below.  Note that some games have their own "web-communities," such as Axis and Allies, ASL, and the like.  In these cases, I'll post a representative page or two that has a plethora of links for you to explore from.  My assumption is that if you have web access, and play one of the "community" games, you probably already know about the web links anyway.  I think a much more valuable reason for a page like this is to display links to games you didn't know were supported on the web.

Naturally, the foremost resource for this sort of information is the Web Grognards webpage-- this page just presents some of the same material in a more distilled fashion.  I created this page mostly as a adjunct resource for PBeM playing.  Most resources listed here (if not all of them) have some content devoted to PBeM play.

Publisher Game Resource Title
TFG Star Fleet Battles Star Fleet Universe
Avalon Hill Diplomacy1 UK Diplomacy Home Page

Avalon Hill

War and Peace

The War and Peace Wargame Homepage

TSR Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol
SPI/TSR Twilight War

Lutz's Web Pages: Twilight War Boardgame Page

Avalon Hill Panzerblitz Panzerblitz
Avalon Hill Titan Titan Home Page
GDW Blue Max Blue Max Home Page
GDW Blue Max Jagdstaffeln, a Blue Max fighting area
Avalon Hill/Victory Games Ambush/Battle Hymn Lutz's Web Pages: Ambush! and Battle Hymn Boardgame Page
SPI/TSR Battle of Britain Lutz's Web Pages: Battle of Britain Boardgame Page
Avalon Hill Britannia Britannia PBEM
TSR Buck Rogers (Boardgame) Buck Rogers
COA Close Action The Official Close Action Homepage
  1. Mayfair

  2. Winsome

  3. Avalon Hill

Assorted Railroad Games2 (mostly Mayfair) Railroad Games Home Page
Avalon Hill Up Front Up Front Main Page
Avalon Hill Dune Dune Board Games
Avalon Hill Squad Leader (Basic)3 Eric Pass' Squad Leader Page
Avalon Hill Empires In Arms Empires in Arms
Avalon Hill Empires in Arms (FTP Site) Directory of /pub/eia
Avalon Hill Civilization The Civilization Page
Avalon Hill Advanced Squad Leader4 John Appel's ASL Page
Avalon Hill Advanced Squad Leader VASL
Avalon Hill Advanced Squad Leader Patrik Manlig's ASL Page
Avalon Hill Advanced Third Reich (FTP Site) Directory of /a3r
Avalon Hill/Victory Games Pacific War Homepage of Steen Kastoft Hansen
Avalon Hill Panzerblitz Brian McCue's Pictureblitz Rules
Avalon Hill Guadalcanal Brian McCue's Play By Photo Guadalcanal Rules
Avalon Hill Panzerblitz Brian McCue's Panzerblitz Campaign Rules
Avalon Hill Panzerblitz Brian McCues's Double-Blind Panzerblitz Rules
Avalon Hill/Metagaming Stellar Conquest ChrisW's Thoughts on Advanced Stellar Conquest
Avalon Hill/GDW/Metagaming Stellar Conquest/Imperium/The Company War ChrisW's Double-Blind Play Aids page
Avalon Hill/GDW/Metagaming Stellar Conquest/Triplanetary Brian McCue's Stellar Conquest/Triplanetary Rules
Columbia Games Rommel in the Desert Improved Rommel in the Desert Charts
GDW Triplanetary ChrisW's Triplanetary Map Variants Page
GDW Triplanetary ChrisW's Triplanetary Page
Avalon Hill/Victory Games Pax Britannica Pax Britannica
Avalon Hill/Victory Games Pax Britannica Pax Britannica Homepage
Avalon Hill/Victory Games Pax Britannica Don's Pax Britannica Page
Avalon Hill/Victory Games Pax Britannica Eric Moore's Pax Britannica Web Home Page
Avalon Hill/Victory Games Pax Britannica Pax PBeM Aids
XTR Proud Monster Gary's Proud Monster Picture Gallery
Avalon Hill Panzerblitz/Leader/A-I Wars Panzerblitz
Avalon Hill Republic of Rome The Colisseum
Avalon Hill Republic of Rome Republic of Rome
Avalon Hill Global War/Rising Sun/Advanced Third Reich Global War 2000 page
Avalon Hill Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series Ed Beach
West End Games Rommel in North Africa ROMMEL IN NORTH AFRICAThe War in the Desert 1941
Avalon Hill Up Front Up Front PBW




1    Diplomacy is HUGELY represented on the web.  Start from the list of links on the UK page and go from there-- there are just too many to list here and not have this table become repetitive.

2    This page represents a central clearing house of many more railroad game related pages, primarily catering to the community of gamers that play Mayfairs 18XX series, Avalon Hill's 1835 and Railroad Baron, as well as Winsome Games Railroad Series of games.

3    Eric maintains the Squad Leader mailing list, PBeM Game reports, etc.  He also has  a list of links to other SL sites out there on the web.  Check his page first-- I do not add the other pages because I think his page is an adequate jumping off point for this subject.

4    ASL is an even MORE frenetic community than SL is.  There are almost a dozen webpages devoted to ASL material that I have in my bookmarks section.. John Appel's page is a great place to start, as well as Patrik Manlig's.  Both have substantial links pages devoted to ASL content.

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