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Gaming Links

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Herwith is the Games & Gaming Link page.  I don't presume this to be my original work; I burrowed into several other link pages to find some of the ones I usefairly frequently or generally, just think are cool.

Board Games (general, mostly reviews and variants)

"The Dutch Portal Site" (nice collection of links to other sites)
Boardgame Geek Database (an AWESOME review site... many resources here!)
DiscoverGames (family game related)
Games Journal (the boardgaming monthly)
The Gamepile (thumbnail reviews of several games)
The Game Cabinet (several good reviews and strategy pieces, even some free games)
The Gaming Dumpster (aka Sacred Chao games.. nice link page)
Rick Heli's Gaming Page (awesome collection of analysis and variants.  When does this guy sleep?)
Card/Board Gamers Association (not much here, but very good Cheapass reviews)
Spielbox-Online (exceptional.. but you need to know German)
Luding Database (another great German review site, has English text too)

Wargame Specific Games (general)

Boone's Gaming Page (pretty good db of magazine titles)
Web Grognards (THE best place for supplements, variants, links, files...)
Consimworld (fairly major bulletin board for wargame discussion)

Boardgame Publishers & Retailers, Family games

Funagain Games (nice reviews)
Rio Grande Games (importer of Euro-style games)
Abacus Spiele (German Game Publisher, Auf Deutsch!)

Designer Home Pages

Reiner Knizia Tribute page  (with translations)
Another Reinier Knizia Translation Page

Game-Specific Pages

Roberto Corbelli's FORMULA DE race tracks page

Net Play (freebies that I like)


Commercial eBook Publishers

Mythrole Games
Welcome to MicroTactix Games!
Cumberland Games
Green Goblin Games
Grinning Goblin Adventures!
PG-13 B-Movie

Word Games & Crosswords

Puzzle Links and More
Word Play
Scrabble® Info & Resources
Crossword Compiler
Crossword Solver (sorta)
Acronym Finder
OneLook Dictionaries
The Anagram Engine
AltaVista Translations
Across Lite
Canoe Daily
CNN Daily
The Crossword Directory
AltaVista Babel Fish
Ultimate Xword Links

Cards Pawns & Dice

Traditional Games

Index of Card Games by Type of Game
Rules to Period Games
Beginners' Bridge
The Card Games Site
A History Of Traditional Games
Bas Snabilie's Mastery Server
The WWW Backgammon Page 

Gamebooks and Solitaires


Demian's Gamebook Page
Writing a Solo Adventure
Google Gamebook Directory

Projects Underway

SirJim's Adventure
CYOA Web Adaptions
The Choose Your Adventure Experiment


The Intruders
Nightcat -- a Solo Adventure
Buffalo Castle
The Tower Fiend
Zork Book 3 - Caverns of Doom
Krik or Treat
Fudge - The Wizard's Tower
Morris's Marvellous Solo Adventure Game
Challenges of the Black Gate
Villains of Volturnus
BRAD the game
Everfrost Peaks

Fighting Fantasy

Yaztromo's Fighting Fantasy Page
The Fighting Fantasy Vault


Rising Sun e-Zine
Desert Lynx's Lone Wolf Oasis
The Kai Monastery
Project Aon
Secrets of the Kai
World of Magnamund Webring
City of Varetta

Free RPGs

Eric's Compendium of Free RPG's from the Net
Kodeci's Reviews
Free RPG's on the Web
RPGnet Freebie Games
Brian's Reviews
Uncle Bear's Free RPG List

Theme Pages

The Cinematic Action RPG Page!!!
Women In Gaming
The Metagaming Microgame Games Page
ARS Anime RPG Guide
Grampa Barmo's Discount Game Magazine

Sundry Games & Companies

Grey Ghost
Cheapass Games Secret Web Page
Dark Cults
Battle of the Bands

General Interest

Complete List of RPGs
Dark Dungeons
Fractal Worldmap Generator
Tesarta Resource Page
The CCG Patent
The GAMA Home Page
Flaky Gaming Stuff
Properties of Dice
Uncle Bear
The International RPG Index
An Encyclopedia of Role-Playing Games
RPGnet Ads


Paper Toys

Paper PC's
Theala Sildorian's Art Gallery
PaperPCs 2
Vector Heroes
Sparks! Paper Miniatures as a Font!
Cool Floor Tiles
Cutout Models for Tabletop Gaming
Paper Fleets
Dark Matter
Build a Medieval Castle
Graph paper printer software
Billy's Shed
Ironclaw Downloads
Hero Machine
Cardboard Miniatures and Models

General Gamer-Happy Stuff

Traditions of Magic
From Land to Subsistance
Autopsy - A Screenwriter's Guide
Fut(h)ark Runes
Christopher Columbus & Sailing
Bryde's Medieval and Goodies Website
ADS Resources


Bean's Page o' AD&D Adventure Modules
Dungeon Magazine Back Issues
Warhammer Archive Adventure
Mythus Adventures
HârnWorld Adventures
The Trap Page [+NetPlots]
Big German Link Site
Blue Troll's Scenarios
MiningCo Adventure Links
Arcane Press Game Resources
DragonQuest Adventures
Oroborus Adventures
Space1889 Adventures!
Sarcophagus Adventures Page
GURPSnet Adventure Archive
Fish Out of Water A Deadlands Adventure
Adventure of the Knight Sinister
ODP GURPS Adventures
The Pizza Problem
Olik's AD&D Adventures
Loving the Dead

Language Making

Talking the Talk
The Language Construction Kit

Random Goofiness

Dungeon Generator

Computer Games

Text Adventure Games

Encyclopedia Frobozzica
Zork I The Great Underground Empire
Text Adventure Page
Z-Format Text Games
Hotel New Zork Links
The SPAG Home Page
Inform for Beginners
XYZZYnews Home Page


Vimm's Lair
FCE Ultra

Civ Evolution

Civ Evolution Project Homepage

Specific Games & Worlds


Talisman - 2nd edition downloads
Talisman Island

Call of Cthulhu

General CoC Stuff

The Official CofC Homepage
Byakhee CoC Software
De Web Mysteriis

1920s Resources

Prohibition in the 1920s
Culture in the 1920s
FBI 1920s
Media History Timeline 1920s
India 1860s - 1920s
Event Chronology 1922
Event Chronology 1920
Event Chronology 1921
Event Chronology 1923
Event Chronology 1924
1920s Slang
The 1920s!

Web Periodicals

The Oracle
MiningCo Weekly
The Gaming Outpost
RPG Review
Critical Miss
Science & Sorcery
SableDrake Magazine
The Guild Companion Ezine
Victorian Gamer
Tastes Like Pheonix
Masters of Role Playing Magazine
The Shadowrun Supplemental
Out of the Box
Gamers Tavern
RPG Gazette