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Free Stuff!

YOU ARE ON A HOBBY PAGE What's Here:    Free Games on the Net (sites I like)

Herewith is the FREEBIES page.  The nicest word in the English language, I think, is the word "Free!"

Home Page of the Dead hosts a downloadable version of *PI's D*wn of the D*ad boardgame, much prized by collectors. Tom Perconti has done a Cyberboard version of the game using these components.

DVORAK  "Dvorak is a card game for any number of players, some pens, and some blank pieces of cardboard. Or some players and an Internet connection. It isn't about anything. It's about anything ."  A wildly freeform card game that pretty much is made up as it goes along.  The generic rules are HERE. There are many special decks available with specialized rules.

SANCTUM, a collectible card game that was once commercial, now playable online (only) for free.  The original company Digital Addiction, gave the rights to a non-profit organization that has kept the game alive.  Very impressive!

The Perfect Captain.  Here's a guy, who remains nameless, that puts several free (and very well done) games out on the web.  I like his games, they are historical, finnicky, and loaded with detail.  Three hails and a grog for the Cap'n!

Psychopath Play By Email Zine.  Excellent.  Runs several Euro style games and Diplomacy events.  Great Community.

S.O.B. Play by Email magazine.  Very good.  Free via the web, pretty cheap printed.  They run several boardgames as PBeM events.

Cold War Modern Naval Battles: Alan Emrich, original developer of the 3M game, is seeking some good kharma by making this classic available once again on the web.  For FREE!

Werewolf: The ultimate Party/Psychological Game.  Great for large groups.

Lloyd Krassner, the One Man DemiGod of free stuff: Lloyd's Warpspawn Games site is just jam-packed with free games (granted, you will need to do a little work to make them useful to you-- create cardsets, maps and such).  Lloyd's altruism in making his efforts free to all is a personal inspiration to me.

THOTH: The work of my friend Zak (Gottardo Zancani), with many gamesets for Lloyd's stuff (above).  THOTH is a free! method of playing cardbased games via the net and email.

THOTH Community: This is really growing.  Now there are many, many THOTH gamesets out there, almost all of them connected to a free wargame ruleset. HERE is the Thoth Yahoogroup.

Horror House: Free Downloadable "Arkham Horror" style card game, based upon Atlantic Storm.  See HERE for component pictures.  Recommended.

BoneGames: These are one of the best freebie boardgame manufacturers.  Check out their sole commercial product, QUEEN VICTORIA'S NAVY (micro priced), and it's FREE enhancement product, ADMIRAL ON DECK.

Battle For Moscow: GDW's famous old free handout game, reworked for web displays. 

Battle Platform Antilles: a great solitaire space combat situation, with nice graphics.

Colossus: A nifty way to play Titan for free. Here are the rules...

Doctor Garry's Home Page: Has four excellent history based games of surprising depth and intricacy for the download, including Henry VIII and Bloody Mary.