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O'Hara Family, at LCDR Treadway's going away party, Mango Mikes, Alexandria VA

First of all, there's Audrey O'Hara (nee Dorfman).  We met on the Booz Allen Corporate BBS (a sort of precursor to Chat Rooms).  It's a long story, but essentially I must have been saying something right, since she called me up and asked me out on a date.  How's that  for modern romance?  A year-long courtship followed, introducing Drey to the wonders of Spike and Mike animation festivals, Bob and Edith's diner,the Pea Soup at Au Pied Du Cochon at three in the morning, carrot cake at KramerBooks,  the chickpea salad at Zorbas on Dupont Circle, cajun music, film-making, reenacting and wargaming.  The last three did not take, but we still share BeauSoleil, Dewey Balfa, and Buckwheat Zydeco.  It's been ages since we went to a diner together....

I proposed at Pat O'Briens in New Orleans, under the influence of three Hurricanes.  The effect was spoiled by the college girls squeeling "EEEEE!!  Hey look!  He's proposing!  Did you say yes???"  at the next table.   We were married in the Episcopal church that George Washington and George Mason founded South of Fort Belvoir, VA, in 1993.   Later, after Drey converted to Catholicism, we were remarried in the Church.  Drey was very pregnant with Garrett at the time.  I tried to get my father-in-law to show up with a shotgun for visuals, but Drey had strongly worded objections.

ANNE (the blonde in the photo below) was born on July 12, 1994-- after THIRTY TWO HOURS OF LABOR.  I still have a hard time getting her up for school every day.  She currently goes to school at Saint Ambrose School, where Drey teaches.  Anne likes music, singing, dancing, poetry, painting and girl stuff.  She (at the moment) wants to be either President of the United States, a Nurse (or Doctor), or editor of a small literary magazine.  Stay tuned, her career goals are in flux.

GARRETT (the redhead in my lap) is now two years old, and my beamish boy.  My theory is that he will either grow up to be the president of a multinational, or the pilot of an aircraft that drops things on people's heads.

We recently moved into THIS HOUSE located near our lovely National Capital. We're the ones with the dead grass in the front yard, in the center. Figuring out how to make my lawn the envy of the neighborhood wasn't high on my list of things to fret about. I just don't want to be embarassed by the weeds too much!

NOT PICTURED: SCARLETTE (the Dog of our relationship... bought about a month after we were going out with each other.  A miniature Dachsund, brown and black) and NIXON (a pinto-colored greyhound, rescued from the race track at Wheeling Downs).    

The Family... New Year's Eve 2000