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The Dwarfstar/Heritage Small Games Page

Dwarfstar/Heritage, an English Game company in partnership with an American miniatures company, put out a whole slew of minigames back in the very early 80s.  These games are noted for their extreme level of detail and beautiful (for small format games) artwork.  Dwarfstar games are considered highly collectible by today's standards.   If you see one for sale in a thrift store or on the net, pounce on it!   Heck, even if you don't want it, you can sell it to me.....  :-)

Alas, the company folded by the mid-eighties, and the rights to many of these games were sold to a group that announced they would be doing a reprint.  This never came about and now the future of Dwarfstar seems to be in limbo.

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