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Tuesday, 31 August 2004
INNOCENTS ABOARD by Gene Wolfe (publisher: Tor Hardcover)
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Topic: Book Review
I just found this new collection of short stories by Gene Wolfe, who brought us the Long Sun/Short Sun series.

Wolfe is a creator of a strange, literary style of Science Fiction, and has been distinctive to me since he first published THE DEATH OF DOCTOR ISLAND AND OTHER STORIES. I enjoy a Wolfe story like I enjoy a very strongly flavored wine or cheese... slow, and appreciative. Gene Wolfe is not for fast beach readers.

Ursula Le Guin calls him the "Melville of our generation" which I think is stretching it a tad, but he deserves acclaim for the way he visualizes new worlds (at the very least).

Innocents Aboard gathers fantasy and horror stories from the last decade that have never before been in a Wolfe collection.

Highlights from the collection:

  • "The Tree is my Hat" adventure and horror in the South Seas-- with a very unusual ending.
  • "The Night Chough" a Long Sun story, always welcome.
  • "The Walking Sticks" a darkly humorous tale of a supernatural inheritance
  • "Houston, 1943" lurid adventures in a dream that has no end.

    To agree with one over-enthusiastic reviewer, there truly isn't a clinker in the bunch. Relax, enjoy, and take your time with this one. It's always worth it.

    Posted by mrnizz at 4:14 PM EDT
    Updated: Tuesday, 31 August 2004 4:17 PM EDT
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