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The Facts:

Born to a family of primarily Irish ethic roots, with a smattering of Austrio-Hungarian on my grandmother's (Mimi) side.  Second child to family of four (James III, Walter, Margaret and Patrick) to James II and Dorothy Dillon.  Grandson of James I and Louise O'Hara, Walter and Vera Dillon.  Religion: Catholic.  If there is a 'family trade' for the James O'Hara branch of the family, it would be a tradition of service to the United States Navy (and before that, as family legend maintains, the Army of Great Britain).  I did not choose to follow the family trade (no aptitude for it, tragically).

Moved several times before age 13.  Such is the lot of a military family.  My father (James II) was a submariner, then communicator in the USN.  Settled in the Washington DC area in the mid-1970s.  Graduated, Herndon HS, Herndon, VA.  Graduated, American University, School of International Service, 1983.  Alas, a career in foreign service did not beckon.

At The Microphone... at a Movie Premier (See PASSIONS)

Worked in several marginal jobs (comedy writer, radio announcer, bookstore manager, night watchman, makeup man and special effects technician) up until the 1987 when I decided being a 'Bohemian' wasn't cute any more.  Took a job with Booz, Allen and Hamilton supporting Navy programs (see how the circle turns?).   Working for BAH was interesting, and fed my twin passions for eating regularly and sleeping indoors.  I met Audrey Dorfman, the woman I would end up marrying, at BAH, so the experience was on the whole positive.  Moved on to what was PRC, Inc. (A Division of Black and Decker) then became Litton PRC, Inc. (I didn't notice the change) and is now PRC, a Northrup Grumman company.  3 companies in 7 years, and I didn't leave the same building the entire time.

As mentioned, married in 1993, to Audrey.  We had our daughter, Anne Elizabeth, in 1994.  Garrett Dillon wandered in in 1998.  I like what I do for a living; but the REAL joy in life comes from being with my family.  Everything else supports that.