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H Miss Camille | PF | N 15 Sex Appeal. If Miss Camille is in a GIVE WAY CHALLENGE, she automatically wins the challenge. B,C FR
H Col. LePetomaine | PF | N 18 "Bio Blasts" Col. Le P. has 3 per race, which can either give him + 2 Inches / turn OR force a S class racer to BC O FR
H Sir Harry Flashman | PF | C 20 Cowardly. Twice per race, IF ATTACKED, may swap initiative with attacking player as if he has won a GWC B, B UK
H Sgt. Hugh O'Roarke | PF | N 20 Drunk. Will not take a LW from crashes only. CAN be wounded in combat. K, B US
H Ali Assassin | PF | C 19 Sharp Sword. 1 LW converts to 2 LW S AR
H Don Diego | PF | C 23 Cowardly AND Drunk (above). After turn 3 gets a -2 in penalty (hangover). Cure: Tonic, Kickapoo, Farmer B. K, B MX
H Mister N. Kelly | PF | C 21 Armored. Will Not suffer wounds from Combat OR Crash. K,K AU
H Chief Rattleshirt | PF | C 22 Heightened Balance. Saves BCs on 5 or 6. S SX
H Scarlet Mandarin | PF | C 18 Rocket Assist (Chemical) Adds +5 D6 Dist first turn, +3 Turn after. All BCs when Rocket is firing are HARD. O CH
H Major Loveless | PF | T 21 Armored. Will not suffer wounds from Combat OR Crash. True Blue. R UK
H Mad Moujik | PF | N 20 Drunk, see Don Diego. Armed with Lance B, K RU
H Captain Krondstadt, KKA | PF | T 20 Armed with Lance R, K AH
H Crazed Hetman | PF | N 22 Insane. Invulnerable to Pain, similar to "Drunk" but only applicable to Wounds K,K RU
H Captain Castillo | Uni | T 17 Armed with Lance K SP
H Sir Hugh Speedicut | Uni | N 23 Armed with Sword, Armored R UK
H LT Aldobrandini | Uni | T 21 Armed with Lance W IT
H Evil Don Esteban | Uni | C 22 Armed with Lance Quite the Cad! K, S SP
H Major Evan Poniatowski | Uni | T 19 Armed with Lance. Consumptive. Requires a stop at least 2 x race to drink some water K, K PO
H LT Lachasse | Uni | N 20 Armed with Lance R BE
H CPT Binelli | Uni | N 21 Armed with Lance. VERY touchy. Will attack any French or Austrian who bumps him. R, W IT
H - A The Mysterious Birdman of Biloxi | Aero | T 24 Mysterious fellow who races with a mask. Can perform EGG ATTACK 3 x per race. Tower launch, Flies L, M & H K US?
H- A The Phoenix | Aero | T 23 Hand cranked propellor-glider. Must launch from a tower. Can Fly L, M & H K UK
M - S The Mole Wagon | Steam | C 25 Can tunnel underground at 1D6 per turn. Very slow. R PR
M - G Professor Norton's Galvanic Rat Drive | Galvanic | C 26 Very slow, Galvanic drive B, B US
M - G Ms. Curie's Radium Rocket Radial | Steam | T 25 Slow Galvanic Coach - Comes with lovestruck consort-- Major Bigsbee W FR
M - S Colonel Prunesqualor's Peculiar Conveyance | Steam | T 21 Steam Wagon, homebuilt. Check for explosion (easy Saving Throw) every three turns. W UK
M - S Dowd's Rollermatic ("The Rolly-Polly") | Steam | C 23 VERY fast for this size class, but balances EVERY BC as Hard. Has a spoiler, a giant invisible Bunny. W US
M - S Gossamer Dragonfly | Steam | T 20 Steam powered flier. Slow, can only fly height one W UK
M - S The Arapaho Mechanist Union's Steam Pony, Chief Pantagruel, Pilot | Steam | N 18 Steam powered motorcyle, homemade. Check for explosion (easy save) every three turns. W AP
M - C Kapitan Kruger's Klockwork Klaw | Clock | C 19 Clockwork Bicycle. Armored. No wounds possible. Has retractable arm. B, B PR
M - C Lt Dennewitz's Klockwork Helmet | Clock | C 19 Another version of the above, without retractable arm. Both Prussians are aware of the Prussian interest in the race. B PR
M - S Olivier Van Landinham's Steam Conveyance | Steam | N 20 Steam powered Pennyfarthing. B US
S "The Count" and his Bat Coach 18 Supernaturally drawn carriage, former hearse. The Count can suck 1-4 EPs from another racer, with effects lasting two turns. B ??
S Hidreema Djeenie, Sheik of Oktar 21 Flying Carpet. Has Djeenie for spoiler attacks, 2 x race. B AR
S The Rabbi of Prague and His Golem-mobile 20 Golem can attack a conveyance using strong bare hand attack (+ 2D6 for strength)   CZ
H The Failed Expedition 22 Dogsled on wheels. Does not BC, but does displace. B FR